Introducing OutHaven Academy!

I am excited to officially be launching this project as it has been years in the making. I proudly serve the Twin Cities area in offering in-person events, focusing largely on the southern suburbs. Initial classes will be offered in March, the schedule will be posted online February 15th. The expected price is $10 per student, and is on a class-by-class basis. If you are a co-op or microschool in the area and interested in the class, please contact me for group rates or to schedule a separate class.

In April, I plan on launching the online curriculum, offered here on the website and on teachers pay teachers. In addition, physical curriculum will hopefully be launched in May. If there are specific resources you are looking for, please use the contact button as I take reasonable requests. In May, I also hope to offer online classes and programs, focusing more on the middle school and high school levels. These will still be a work in progress after the launch, as material will continually be added.

The goal of OutHaven Academy is making education fun for students while still supporting educators, whether teaching in a traditional classroom or homeschooling. Having a flexible knowledge-based curriculum can be hard to find, and I hope to be able to offer this along with resources and ideas to incorporate interactive or project-based learning that engages students without feeling restrictive to educators.

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