In-Person Classes Postponed

Hi everyone!

I was very much excited to launch in-person classes in pop-up styles venues. Currently, these are being put on hold as work on finding locations that could be more suitable, having nature space that we could utilize as part of the class, and be available on a consistent basis. Some of the classroom spaces I have enquired about are large enough but have no outside space to use (such as the library) or the classroom spaces are smaller, resulting in higher fees to book larger rooms.

The current plan is to wait until it gets warmer and utilize park pavilions, which will give a larger space to do activities, access to green spaces, and tables to use as workstations. It also allows me to keep the fees as low as possible.

Because of this large shift, I am working harder at getting the online resources and classes up and running. Instead of April, they should be showing up on the website in March. This will also give me the time required to complete the website. Though, if you are interested in having classes before this, such as for a co-op, micro-school, or homeschool group, please reach out to me and we can try to get something on the books.

For online, there are multiple things in the works.

First: Resources and curriculum

Ultimately, these will be under a membership, this would enable me to allow educator and student accounts and allow the assigning of materials and educator-specific resources (such as assessments, lesson plans, etc.) However, I am currently working on this, so the products posted before the memberships are enabled will be free. With this, I hope I can get feedback on the resources to best serve you as educators and the students you teach.

Second: On-demand Classes

With the postponing of in-person classes, I am working harder at getting on-demand classes up and going. These provide flexibility as they can be taken at the pace of the learner. The length of the class will vary from being a single class to a semester or year-long course. All will include videos, worksheets, projects, and/or crafts, along with rubrics, lesson plans, and other resources depending on the course and the option chosen. Ideally, the two will be where the class is utilized but the educator may want to give their own assignments, projects, or grade them on their own. The other will have students upload the projects, assignments, quizzes, etc. depending on the class, and they will be graded by me.

Third: Equipment

This is still a work-in-progress and currently will only serve within 100 miles of Burnsville, Minnesota, due to the current cost of shipping. However, I am working on getting additional equipment, including telescopes, microscopes, and others where homeschoolers or other educators could rent to use with their students. Renting would require them to either be picked up or be delivered, depending on the location and day. With the rentals, videos and other resources will be available to explain and teach how to use the equipment, which is ideal for those who may not have used it before. In addition to this, kits may be rented to use with the equipment, for those who may not have the required supplies or safety equipment.

If you are interested in renting equipment, please contact me with what you are looking for or for information.

Overall, these are still tentative until completed and the original dates planned may change, in addition, any plans may be altered as well. Thank you for your flexibility, and I hope to serve you and your students.

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