OutHaven Academy works at providing flexibility for educators. We work hard on providing resources that educators depend on, including lesson plans, assessments, projects, and videos online. In addition, to be able to increase access to hands-on education, we offer equipment and supplies for rent and sale.

Our Beginnings

OutHaven Academy was first thought of when our founder, Sarah Schroeder, was finishing her Earth Science degree. In her classes, she noticed that there were students who had never used microscopes before. While teaching an undergraduate lab, she realized that many students lacked a strong knowledge in geography and science (there were many students who confused the Atlantic and Pacific oceans). While working as a Paraprofessional and talking to the teachers at the school, many didn't feel confident in teaching science. They relied on videos and bools and the hands-on projects they were provided typically didn't work as intended. 

When Sarah started homeschooling her son, she found limited resources for secular science and history. The resources that were secular were typically expensive and still lacked hands-on learning unless the parent purchased the equipment, supplies, and figured out what to do on their own. Because of this, she started offering in-person classes for homeschoolers, and launched OutHaven Academy. 

Fun Fact

The name OutHaven came from Sarah's love of science fiction and fantasy. It is the joining of the words Outpost (a position some distance away from the main body) and Haven (a refuge or safe place). 

Coming Soon Neon Light

About Our Founder

Sarah Schroeder was born and raised in Minnesota, most of it in Savage. Before earning her degrees, she was a Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps. She has a degree in Earth Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Minnesota. There, she was a Teacher's Assistant for a semester, worked in a research lab for a year and a half, and was part of the Astrobiology club. She also has an Agricultural Science degree from Oregon State University. She has also worked as a Paraprofessional in a public elementary school. 

She's always loved science, having an interest in zoology, ichthyology, agriculture, astronomy, earth science, and more. When she was in high school, she worked in a rock shop for an agate expert. When not working on OutHaven Academy or reading science-related books and journals, she loves being outside with her son, fishing, camping, and hiking. Other than that, she also sews a great deal and enjoys cooking, drawing, and reading/watching fantasy and science fiction.